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After 17 years, working for leading companies in the IT, automotive and renewable energy business, our Managing Partner, Dr. Daniel Faltermeier founded helioconsult GmbH in 2018 as a independent consulting and engineering company for renewable energy solutions.


We believe that our customers can benefit from a holistic service approach, covering the complete lifecycle of a project.


Focusing on the entire landscape of energy production, distribution and consumption allows to provide fully integrated services.


Knowing, that sometimes others have more advanced solutions, we want to let our customers participate by connecting these services. Always with our customers needs in focus .

Our global capabilities...

We are a 100% private owned company with no dependency to any manufacturer or service provider. Therefore we are truly independent with all what we do.


Our methods and services always use the highest scientific and sophisticated standards in the industry.


We are specialized in renewable energy production, distribution and efficient consumption. That is what we do and that is where we are good in.


Our experts have many years of experience in the industry and have supported hundreds of projects all over the world. It is the knowledge you participate from.


We are providing and connecting services, so you can be sure you always get the best in class, available solution out of one hand.


We are taking consulting and engineering to the next level. Being your holistic, independent partner for renewable energy solutions.


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Dr. Daniel Faltermeier

Founder and Managing Partner


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Customer benefits from automation & standardization of Quality Services

PDF download version of helioconsult's service flyer

PDF with a brief helioconsult company presentation, including our unique Due Diligence Services for small projects up to 750kWp.

Solar Project Due Diligence for less than

1000 EUR! Lear more how we restructured the process to make this services available to medium-size projects.

Our Managing Partner Dr. Daniel Faltermeier talks about the future of renewable energies on Youtube.

Watch our first video, introducing helioconsult's services on Youtube.


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