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With our goal combining the best available services in the renewable energy market, we are always looking for partners complementing our own service portfolio. For example we are involving local partners close to projects we are providing inspections or regular maintenance work to keep the travel costs as low as possible and guarantee short reaction times. Our partners get individual trainings and we make sure they fulfill our quality standards. This works best, if we are already familiar with each other. Also for our financial services we are always looking for companies we can work together. Of course in best case this should not be a one-way street. We are more than happy to support our partners with the services we are offering.


Currently we are looking for the following partners:



  • Independent Laboratories
  • Asset-Management Companies
  • Financial Due Diligence Experts
  • Local Operation & Maintenance Companies
  • Performance Monitoring Companies
  • Experts  for Glare Assessments, Statics Assessments and Geological Surveys



For more details please also visit our "connecting" section on our "services at a glance" page. There you find more  services we are interested to make a connection with our customers.


As a partner you are participating from our network  and getting access  to our knowledge base and individual trainings. It is also an easy way for you to increase your business without your own sales and marketing.


The best thing about this partnership - it absolutely free for you.



To learn more about, please  contact us any time.







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