Large-Scale Solar


Typical project phases of a large-scale project

Typical Project Phases we serve...

Transition Phase


When it comes to a transfer of ownership of the project vehicle (SPV etc.) or refinancing, we support you with our status documentation, Due Diligence, price evaluation and general consulting. We are your independent counterpart for technical questions during contract negotiations or we help to implement the right technical procedures.


Our services for the Transition phase


  • Status reporting including measurements
  • Due Diligence
  • Price evaluation
  • Support at contract negotiations
  • Consulting


What you get


  • Documentation of project status from independent experts
  • Technical support during negotiations

Disposal or Repowering Phase


After the original lifetime of a system, or sometimes already before, there is often the decision if repowering makes sense and is possible. We support you with hard facts to make the right choice.

We help to find the best components and develop together with you the system design for the next upcoming years of operation. We take care about systems with no maintenance and make them fit again.

If there is no "next life" of a system we help to organize and coordinate the disposal process.


Our services for the Reporwering and Disposal phase


  • All relevant technical studies and calculations
  • Planning support
  • Project management


What you get


  • Hard facts for your decision process
  • Optimized parameters for your financial and technical planning

Operation Phase


During the operation phase we make sure that the system is performing with expected high yields. This includes regular checks of the system and for example of  the O&M provider's work. We perform measurements on a regular base to guarantee the functionality and safety of the system.


Our services for the Operation Phase


  • Visual inspections
  • Performance checks
  • Regular measurements (DGUV-tests in DE)


What you get


  • Status documentation from an independent third party
  • Measurement reports conform with IEC standards and regulations

Commissioning Phase


Before the system is powered on for the first time, or right after, measurements are necessary to guarantee and document the safety and conformity of the system and to make sure high yields can be reached in operation later.

Our service portfolio in this phase starts with a visual inspection of all relevant components and goes up to detailed measurements of the system. We compare the actual Performance (PR) with the predicted one from the Yield Forecast.

If problems are identified, we take care of them till they are solved.


Our services for the Commissioning Phase


  • Visual inspections
  • Detailed measurements in field or lab
  • Punch-list management
  • Project management


What you get


  • Status documentation
  • Measurement reports also for guarantee claims
  • Identification and elimination of identified failures
  • Proof of correct Performance already short time after commissioning


Construction Phase


When it comes to the actual construction we are here to make sure the project will be erected like planned. In this phase it is important to identify possible problems at a very early stage, when there is still time to have an influence on the project progress. Often there is an advantage when we, as an independent technical advisor, communicate problems instead of the EPC company or other closely involved stakeholders.

Some projects also require detailed milestone reporting to an investor for payment clearance.

Finally, often parts are covered when the system is finalized, and therefore not available for inspections later.


Our services for the Construction Phase


  • Milestone inspections
  • Progress documentation and reporting
  • Interface between stakeholders
  • Upfront testing of components
  • Project management


What you get


  • Detailed reports
  • Identification and elimination of possible failures
  • Projects, ready to pass final acceptance tests
  • Independent communication with stakeholders


Planning Phase


During the planning phase the technical and financial parameters are set for the new project. It is essential to prepare these phase very carefully, since later changes could be significant in cost, if even possible from the technical point of view.

We support you finding suitable project partners and evaluating their quotations to make sure everything fits from a technical and financial standpoint.


Our services for the Planning Phase



What you get


  • Optimized parameters for your technical and financial planning (Specific Yield / PR / Loss-Factors etc.)
  • Identification and management of specific projects risks


A successful solar project starts at the very beginning with an idea.

This is where we start supporting you with our sophisticated services and consulting throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, or just in one single Phase.

We make sure everything is perfect from the beginning. Even if there are sometimes risks and hurdles  in a project, we are here to manage and overcome them together with you.


Our Business Segments in detail...

Medium-Scale Solar

When money is of the essence...


We realized that often for smaller projects technical advisors and independent engineering services are not even considered because of high costs. This is understandable, but we think that also these projects deserve to participate from our sophisticated services securing high production yield and long term stability.  Therefore we developed a hole new generation of quality and engineering services specially designed for systems where money is of the essence.

Clearly we haven't invented the wheel completely new, but we extracted the absolute necessary parts from our advanced services and put everything into a slim process, so we can offer these services for very affordable prices.


This starts already when you submit project information to us. While large scale systems are usually more complex with necessary documentation an individual approach is necessary, smaller projects are more standardized. For that reason, we are able to provide you our project submission form for medium-scale projects, where you easily enter all relevant data. With the included checklist you can directly see if information is still missing and what needs to be added for a qualified analyses.

After our experts have analyzed your information, we will have a personal call where we decide together how we can support you.


If for example on-site-inspections are necessary, we try to combine trips to your region, or we involve our local partners. In any case you can be sure to get always the high quality standards we promised.

Our procedures are designed to be very effective. You get the inspection and  measurement  results already after a short process time.  Always focused doing only what is necessary to guarantee high production yields and safety for your system.

Our services for Medium-Scale Solar projects


  • Yield estimates
  • Medium-Project risk assessment
  • Project optimization
  • Quotation check
  • On-site-inspections
  • Measurements
  • Efficiency consulting


What you get


  • Everything important at affordable prices
  • Increased production yield and quality of your system
  • Participate from the knowledge we gained from hundreds of projects
  • Identification of project risks and failures
  • Saving costs through consumption optimization



Wind & Renewables Portfolios

From a single System to Portfolio Management...


When the number and types of systems grow in your portfolio, new challenges arise for the project owners, managers and also for investment firms and banks.

Aggregating different types of renewable energy systems in one monitoring platform for example is often not that easy. Especially when different monitoring systems are involved. Decisions  about efficient asset-management and operations & maintenance providers must be made. Therefore it is important to know suitable vendors in the market. If the services are going to be provided in-house, training of employees, development and implementation of internal processes, is necessary.

When it comes to self-consumption of the power produced by a mixture of different system types, for example in municipal utilities, precise calculations are necessary to get a high return of investment (ROI).


With our services we support you from the acquisition or development of new projects, including portfolio Due Diligences, calculations and data analytics till the full integration of your internal processes and training of your employees.

Our services for Wind & Renewables Portfolios


  • Due Diligence
  • Data analytics
  • All relevant technical studies and calculations
  • Project management
  • Process development and implementation
  • Support portfolio aggregation and monitoring integration
  • Employee training
  • Support vendor decisions
  • Status monitoring and documentation from an independent third party


What you get


  • Maximization of your portfolio outcome
  • Finding suitable project partners
  • Optimized mixture of your portfolio
  • Highly trained employees
  • Integration of proven internal processes



Battery Systems



Power Storage...


The storage of power is one of the most discussed topics in the industry for the last couple of years. Clearly the reason is, that storage is the last component on the way to obtain prower solely from more volatile renewable sources compared to traditional systems.

Covering periods of time where no sun is shining or wind blows, or other renewable sources can cover the power demand, storage is a requirement. Also for mobile solutions like electric cars, efficient storage is an option.

Even if we are still at the beginning of this development, products are already available on the market. Most of them are used in electric cars or for residential homes, but we also see more and more utility scale systems for grid stabilization.

The right dimensioning of such battery systems strongly depends on the user load profile and local conditions like specific yields at a location, when for example a solar system is connected to charge the batteries.

Our services for you cover the dimensioning of such battery systems to make sure the optimized capacity is available to guarantee a high power self-consumption ratio and therefor a  fast ROI. We analyze your consumption profile and support you finding suitable technical solutions and vendors.


Our services for Battery Systems


  • Analysis of users load profile
  • Dimensioning of battery capacities
  • Development of storage concepts
  • Support vendor decision
  • Quotation evaluation
  • Due Diligence


What you get


  • High self-consumption ratios
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Optimized battery parameters



Keeping the world in motion...


Under the term "motion" we simply aggregated everything moves powered by electricity. This includes electric vehicles any type where electric motors, batteries or fuel-cells are used. Clearly this only makes sense, if these systems are powered by renewable resources.

For that reason we are focused on the related infrastructures, necessary for this approach.

While electric charging stations are currently the most common products here, we think that in near future power-to-gas systems will get more and more important. Combinations between fuel-cells and batteries can solve already today the problems with limited ranges and charging times. Sometimes even existing infrastructures can be used for example with natural gas produced from methanation of hydrogen with energy coming from renewable sources anywhere in the world.


Our services in this segment cover the implementation of these infrastructures into new or existing renewable energy systems and the development of concepts. Also we are supporting you monitoring and maintaining these systems.

While power-to-gas facilities are usually operated in conjunction with large-scale solar or wind farms, battery charging stations can be used efficiently with smaller commercial or residential solar systems. Therefore we are supporting a brought range of customers from different segments.

We are also working as technical consultants when the relatively new solar sector meets the long-established automotive industry with their sophisticated standards and regulations guaranteeing the safety of their products. With our knowledge from both worlds we are helping to bring both sides together.

Our services for Motion


  • Development of infrastructure concepts
  • Calculations and evaluations
  • Maintenance and monitoring of charging stations
  • Support vendor decisions
  • Quotation evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • Consulting


What you get


  • Seamless integration of charging infrastructures
  • Bringing automotive and solar standards together
  • Innovative new transportation concepts



Connecting, Managing and Distributing Renewable Energies...


The energy distribution sector has changed dramatic since decentralized renewable systems have increased. While in the past the utilities were controlling their entire production facilities in their regions, now many different users are producing and injecting volatile power into the grids.

Therefore new challenges in managing and securing the grids have accrued. On one hand the renewable systems with their inverters can participate in the stabilization of the grid by injecting either capacitive or inductive blind power into the grid. On the other side this means that safe communication with the decentralized systems is necessary to control and monitor them.

Many countries like the US have started implementing new regulations and standards to secure their grids. As an owner, or builder of a renewable energy system you have to be aware of these regulations. Also monitoring companies and operation & maintenance providers need to follow this standards to secure their communication with the systems.

With our experts we help to keep up with those regulations and make sure everything is built in compliance with them. We provide evaluations of your existing processes and support you developing adapted ones.

We train your employees and help to built up your own NOC (Network Operation Centers) in case you are monitoring and controlling systems in-house. We find suitable partners for the monitoring of your systems or portfolios. When it comes to advanced calculations we are supporting you with our knowledge.

Our services for SMART-Grids


  • Security concepts and evaluations
  • Training of employees
  • Support development and implementation of secure processes
  • Project management
  • Grid studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Consulting


What you get


  • Keeping you updated on new regulations and standards worldwide
  • Secure and efficient processes
  • Trained employees



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Typical project phases of a large-scale project
Typical project phases of a large-scale project
Typical project phases of a large-scale project
Typical project phases of a large-scale project

Our Business Segments in detail...